Prior to installing GEOHEX Erosion Control

System, the following ground preparation is required.

  1. Prior mechanical compaction of the soil and / or ground base is essential for the successful performance of a GEOHEX Erosion Control System.

  2. It is recommended that a sand bed be placed under GEOHEX Erosion Control System so as to construct a perfectly flat surface under the soil layer to prevent rutting and subsidence due to vehicular or livestock movement.

  3. If the surface is prone to movement, it may be necessary to install extra sub-soil drainage to maintain the strength and integrity of the topsoil.

  4. Any additional drainage technology used may consist of coarse road base, agricultural piping, sand or a combination of all of these. Fine road base may lower or even prevent excess absorption of water.

  5. The sand bed under GEOHEX Erosion Control System requires moderate compacting to ensure proper topsoil leveling. GEOHEX Erosion Control System can then be placed right on top of this layer.

  6. The best infill for GEOHEX Erosion Control System is an angular stone up to 10-15 mm in size, which locks together to restrict any further slope movement.

  7. Other recommended infill products include topsoil, sand and fine gravel.

  8. Since it is made of plastic matting or pavers, the GEOHEX Erosion Control System can be used with any type of turf configuration or turf variety.

  9. The use of weed sheets is also recommended to prevent further maintenance in turf areas using GEOHEX Erosion Control System.

  10. Areas that have had GEOHEX Erosion Control System installed should be inspected regularly to determine if any damage or minor subsidence has occurred as a matter of precaution.


Suggested guide for filling material choice for the GOEHEX™ Erosion Control System.





Lime (crushed / granular)


Use at a diameter of up to 20mm and ensure medium to high levels of compaction.

Avoid lime with a high clay content as the surface will become excessively
slippery. Also avoid material with a high blue metal content.


Great for drainage and soft surface requirements.

Ensure good compaction and low sand content.

Blue metal and recycled crusher dust.

Very good compacter and useful for exits and entry roads.

Needs thorough and uniform compaction.

Rotten stone

Good for bovine hooves and is also preferable for many other livestock.

Must be no bigger than 30mm in diameter. Can get slippery when wet. Must be soft enough to avoid damaging the GEOHEX Erosion Control System.


Only use when extremely soft surfaces are required. Ensure a very high compaction. Also good for areas where the promotion of turf growth is required. 

Ensure the soil is clean and free of contaminants such as large rocks, metal or glass. Can be mixed with 10% to 15% washed sand.


Fine, rock or soil-like material that is less than 20mm in diameter.

Avoid any fillings that have high stone content or sharp edges.